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New Year, New You Kit

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Are you looking for a safe, simple and fail-proof way to reset your body and feel and look better than you ever have before?!

With over 40 years of scientifically tried, tested and proven results*, the M'lis Cleanse products focus on naturally detoxing your body from the inside out - helping you to reset, refresh and lose unwanted pounds (without depriving or starving yourself) for lasting benefits.

*Voted "best cleanse" every year, for the last 7 years:


Glowing skin
Increased energy
Weight loss
Improved sleep
Better digestion
Reduced cravings

This Exclusive Package Includes:

 1 Total Body Cleanse Kit
1 Blender Bottle
1 Daily Essentials Kit
1 Chocolate or Vanilla M.R.P.
1 Weight Loss Kit
1 Probiotic
1 Enzyme

    Receive the NEW 2022 Intuitive Eating M.R.P. Recipe Book with every purchase of the  "New Year, New You" Kit!

     With over 80 recipes and intuitive eating guidance with Vitavore ... valued a $47 ! 

    Don't just take our word for it, see what others our saying about the beauty industries leading cleanse!
    "I first tried this cleanse when I was looking for ways to increase my energy levels, clear my mind and balance my skin. This kit provided me with everything I needed including all of the detailed steps for each day. It was easy to follow, and the benefits were far superior to anything I had every tried before. It is true what they say, to look and fell your best, you truly need to start with what is on the inside. LOVE this product!" -  C. Wood
    Get the jump start needed!
    "This is, hands down, the best product because it lays the foundation for overall health that lasts a lifetime. This is far more than a quck-fix weight loss gimmick. This product resets the relationship people have with food and help them to understand its effect on the body and sets into motion a lifestyle of better food choices. That is one of the pillars to better health and feeling good. This works for everyone, even those who already focus on health and wellness. You will see a difference in energy level, skin appearance, mental clarity, and weight loss. Stick to the easy instructions, and you won't be disappointed. This product will jump start your path to total health." - Sharon Mikuliza
    Holy Grail!
    "This detox is unlike any other because not only do you lose pounds your over all mental health, wellness, physical appearance, and confidence is on 10!! It truly detoxes the entire body system and you're left feeling amazing. You feel healthy when finished and because you look and feel great it only pushes you for further greater results!! I lost 14 lbs. My first time 3 years ago and haven't turned back. I now live a healthy lifestyle (I take this once or twice a year) and I haven't gone back!"  Marizela
    Holy Grail!
    "I have been using the total body cleanse kit from Mlis For over 10 years now! It is he sensual to me to stay healthy by using this kid at least once a year. It gives me increased energy, a clear mind, healthy skin justmakes me feel 100% better all over while giving me sustained health, I can’t live without it! Thank you Mlis for creating the total body cleanse!" - JEFRER
    LOVE the Weight Loss!!!
    "I love the mental clarity it gives, also cuts my sugar cravings!!! I especially love the weight loss!!! BUT, the best part is at being 53 years old, getting my energy back :) Thank you M’lis!" - S.M.
    New Year, New You Kit

    New Year, New You Kit