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CALCIUM Liquid Calcium

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Benefits on tap! Every drop of this liquid gel cap is flowing with more calcium, and vitamin D3 than three cups milk - giving you essential bone building nutrients faster than you can call for a second round.

We don't want to strong-arm you into this one but Calcium plays a very important role in your body. Calcium affects the heart, muscles, nerve function and bone strength. But where most calcium supplements go wrong, we do everything right! Our Calcium not only comes in a liquid form for easier absorption but it contains vitamin D3 which acts as a hammock to hold all of calcium's body-loving benefits. Our calcium also has a 7 step enzymatic process to break it down for a 98% absorption rate. Many other types of calcium supplements only have an 8% absorption rate Without it, your results would be lost!


  • Pregnant/nursing
  • Bowel or digestive diseases
  • Osteoporosis
  • Children
  • Follow a vegan diet
  • Lactose intolerant
CALCIUM Liquid Calcium

CALCIUM Liquid Calcium