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Full Body Reset Kit

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The leaves are changing, so why not follow-through with what nature recommends? This kit will give your body everything it needs to transition into the you that you want to be.

Whether you are wanting to kickstart your optimal health journey, brush-up your beauty game, or give yourself a periodic reboot this Full Body Reset program will give you everything you need to get there before the last leaf hits the ground. 

One M’lis Total Body Cleanse Kit and added Probiotic to improve your gut health, Slender Aid to calm your mind and appetite and and your choice of MRP* Instant Meal to round out quick, healthy meal replacements for when you are on the go.
That’s not all. We also included a Blender Bottle/Cleanse Bottle for either a quick meal or easy measuring on your liquid days. In addition, we’re also adding the most up to date VITAVORE(R) approved Food Guide to help you move into a healthier lifestyle. 
Last but not least, we’re also giving you access to a professionally coached 7 Day Full Body Reset. ALL of this is included in your bundle to give you the maximum value so you may succeed in your personalized health or beauty journey.

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Full Body Reset Kit

Full Body Reset Kit